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If you are a smoker, you might have been thinking all this while that vaping is safe compared to smoking, especially if you are aiming to quit smoking. After all, most e-cigs come with a variety of different juice flavorings such as cinnamon, strawberry, and vanilla – to name a few.

However, have you taken some time to find out which ingredients are added to your e-juice? What types of vape juice ingredients are bad for your health?

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Nicotine is one substance that has been dividing opinions recently. Being a stimulant, Nicotine could enhance your focus and help you relax. Also, it is advisable that ex-smokers use nicotine to help them quit smoking. However, this highly addictive substance can seriously affect your nervous system by causing cardiovascular damage. Therefore, if you have never smoked, do not use Nicotine.


This harmful compound has a buttery taste and appears yellowish-green when in a liquid state. Commonly used in margarine and alcoholic drinks, this compound is also ingested in food and beverages and is actually harmless at this state. However, when inhaled, it could be very harmful.


A study conducted on factory workers exposed to this compound while making microwavable popcorn found that; there were cases of coughing, wheezing and malaise which worsened steadily. After several tests, the workers were found to have bronchiolitis obliterans (Popcorn Lung). This disease inflames and obstructs the lung’s smallest airways, and the only way out is through a lung transplant. Therefore, just eat your popcorn and do not inhale it.


Now, who doesn’t know coffee liquids? However, if your e-juice ingredients have a coffee flavor, then be cautious. Although vaping a little coffee is not that bad, avoiding it altogether may be best. Why? If you inhale caffeine, the substance is absorbed directly into the bloodstream causing immediate effects. At this point, you will not even know how much you have consumed. Also, the central nervous system could be affected by inhaling too much coffee leading to rapid heartbeat, shaking, vomiting, altered consciousness, and seizures.


This delicious ingredient is commonly used to spice up tea, breakfast, and even dinner. That said, avoid any e-juice with this ingredient at all costs. Why are we saying this? According to a Cannabis Advisor, Cinnamon is made up of toxic chemicals that could cause serious damage to your monocytes (white blood cells). Do you still doubt? Well, Frontiers in Physiology’ journal even went as far as publishing cinnamon among the highly toxic vaping flavors to avoid.

Cinnamon is made up of a toxic organic compound, cinnamaldehyde – a compound responsible for its flavor. This compound is the one responsible for damaging a smoker’s immune cells. Although Cinnamon can be used to reduce blood sugar levels, heart diseases, and inflammation, it can cause inflammation on the monocytes and some serious tissue damage. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, avoid e-juice with cinnamon flavorings.

Chili Powder

Although it is difficult to find this ingredient in your vape juice, hobbyists are known to like it. If you note any chili powder ingredient in your vape juice, kindly avoid it. Chili powder is a cooking ingredient and should not be inhaled just like Diacetyl. This neurotoxin substance can have immediate side effects like chocking, coughing, and splattering. In case of taking large amounts, it could lead to seizures, heart attack, or could even be fatal.

Acetyl Propionyl & Acetoin

These substances share many molecular properties with Diacetyl. In artificial butter flavoring, it is commonly used as an additive. However, these two compounds are present in cigarettes. Also, its huge similarities with Diacetyl make it a huge concern.

In other words, it’s advisable that you go for e-liquid products from reputable premium manufacturers. Even though their prices could be higher than most low-quality brands, you will be 100% confident that the above ingredients are not included.


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Vaping has gained its fame lately. We can see that many vape saloons are in business. They sell varieties of e-juice and mod customization. According to Vaping Daily, the industry has thrived over $266 million sales in 2016 alone. And the number of vape enthusiasts is growing ever since.

Vapers claim that smoking vaporized e-juice is healthier than cigarettes. They also feel assured of the safety because they do not need to rely on big manufacturers to get the juice. By learning how to Turn wax into e liquid, vapers can use organic concentrates for vaping. However, most of those impressions are not quite the fact. Here are some science-based facts about vaping that you must know before you start puffing the cloud.

Vaping Is Not Totally Harmless

vape atomizerThe vape hype is just like the marijuana trend, of which the worshippers believe the plant as a Panacea to all diseases. A study in 2015 explored the chemicals in vaping and found out that vapers are exposed to toxic metallic elements such as cadmium, nickel, chromium, and manganese. The researchers theorized that the heating coils leak those substances into the vapor.

If you are not a heavy vaper, then your body may have the chances to flush out the toxic chemicals. But a study on vaping in 2016 managed to detect a high concentration of nickel and chromium in the saliva and urine of heavy vape users. And the condition can lead to heart disease, brain damage, and cancers. It sounds a lot like the tobacco cigarettes, doesn’t it?

Vaping May Encourage Smoking

This statement is controversial because the number of people who believe vaping as a healthier substitute for smoking tobaccos is increasing every day. But now we know that vaping is not as harmless as we have thought before. To some degree, the habit does kill us. Therefore, turning your back from tobaccos and becoming a heavy vape user is undoubtedly an unwise decision.

Nicotine patches are more efficient than vaping. Using those patches enables a smoker to experience the sensation of ingesting nicotine while training the smoker’s body to detach from the habit of inhaling the smoke. Vaping, on the other hand, encourages and even elevates the feeling of smoke inhalation. It just replaced the smoke with vapor.

The Poor Regulation of Vapes

The third factor you have to consider about vaping is the industry’s lack of regulation. More than ninety-five percent of vapes are made in Asia. And they are intended to be a highly customizable device. With all parts coming separately from various countries, and the e-juice concentrates that are manufactured by small businesses, vaping devices have poor quality control. And the evidence to this statement is the cases of exploding vape devices.