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making coconut products

The use of coconut oil is one of the ways applied by individuals to remove makeup in their faces in homes or beauty parlors. The use of coconut oil is pocket-friendly compared to cleansing wipes or purchased makeup equipment and tools. When coconut oil is applied, it results in a smooth face. Hence the wrinkles on one’s face are not easily seen. The condition of an individual eyelash is significantly improved by the continuous use of coconut oil. Moisturizing a person body and haywire hair is smoothened by applying coconut oil on one’s skin. It usually smells good and perfect choice for the human skin. Visit for the best tips of using the coconut oil makeup remover. These are the steps to be followed by an individual when removing makeup while using coconut oil;

General information

Step one

coconut The Little amount of coconut oil should be scooped from the container. Under room temperatures the oil changes from the liquid to solid state. In such a situation an individual should rub between his two hands till the liquid state is achieved. You should make sure there is a coating which is light on each fingertip.

Step two

An individual should close his eyes gently. The coconut oil should be spread over one’s eyelids, lashes and the eye area. Sufficient oil should be available which enable a person to move in the easiest way by use of his fingers without applying it hard on the skin. One can feel his eyeshadow in the process. For makeup which will last for a long duration, one will be required to open his or her eyes and apply a little amount of coconut oil directly below the eyelashes. In the case of an accidental drop of the oil in an individual’s eye, one is advised to wash it using water since it does not hurt.

Step three

The coconut oil should be massaged into an individual’s skin in motion which is circular. It is usually done in this way so as the presence of any other makeup are removed from the face of an individual.

Step four

coconut cakesYou should use a towel or a washcloth which should be warm and wet at the same time so as the extra coconut oil should be wiped off. The excessive makeup should be removed easily without an individual rubbing his or her face. Lastly, you should splash your face with water which is warm. Avoid the use of cold water for satisfactory results. If the procedure is done in the right way, one’s skin will be moisturized, and smooth skin complexation will be achieved.