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Drug Test

Drug testing has become very common in current times. It is being carried out in schools, workplaces and almost any other institution that you can think of. The popularity of drug tests in sports, academic institutions and even in places of work has raised many concerns. Especially to those who are yet to take their first test. Here are a few of the common questions and their answers.

Common concerns on drug tests

What are the situations that make urine test the most suitable?conversation illustration

Urine tests are considered ideal for almost any testing situation. This includes pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random, post-accident, follow-ups, and when returning to duty. It is also suitable when the number of people being screened is high, due to the less involvement of the participant. Presenting your sample is all one needs to do. Drug testing comes in handy when the exact drug type being screened for is unknown.

Why is the urine test the most preferred method to test for drugs?

There are quite many ways to test for drug usage, but urine tests happen to be the most frequently used method. The reason behind this is the fact that urine test is among the cheapest options. It is also the most flexible way meaning that it can be easily customized to fit particular situations. There are hundreds of different drug combinations, cutoff levels, and order codes for the urine tests, which makes it easy to test for almost any type of drug.

After how long will urine tests be unable to detect the drugs that I used?

marijuana The time taken depends on quite many things. However, the type drug used is the primary determinant. For example, marijuana usually takes about a week to become undetectable while most hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin take about two days. Your lifestyle will also affect the timing. Eating healthy and exercising should reduce the duration by a little margin. The frequency of use also determines how long it will take before the drug becomes undetectable by a urine drug test.

Is it possible to beat a urine drug test?

It is possible to pass a urine drug test even when you have been using drugs recently. The best and most popular way of doing this is by using synthetic urine. All you need to do is present it as your real sample and you are done. With high-quality synthetic urine, you are guaranteed of passing the urine test.