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Steaming vegetables is one cooking option that every home cook should incorporate in home recipes. It is more convenient, more economical, and healthier than other methods of cooking vegetables. By using hot steam, this cooking technique does not allow any contact of the vegetable with the cooking medium such as oil when frying or water when boiling. When frying or boiling, much of the minerals are lost in the oil or water.

Cooking through steaming will also preserve the natural crisp of the vegetables while maintaining its natural color. When frying or boiling, these qualities of vegetables are lost. Steamed vegetables are indeed more nice-looking and better-tasting than when you fry or boil them. Almost all types of vegetables can be steamed, making it possible to steam different kinds of vegetables at the same time in one heat supply. This makes this cooking technique truly more convenient and more economical.

If you cannot eat vegetables raw and fresh, steamed vegetable recipe from corrie cooks can be the healthiest way of ingesting vegetables. Here are some of the health benefits we can get when we cook our vegetables by steaming.

recipeVitamin and Mineral Retention

Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are needed by our body to function efficiently. They also help against diseases. When boiling and frying, most of these essential elements may be reduced dramatically. With steaming, most of these elements are retained.

Aids in Making Vegetables More Digestible

When steaming vegetables, you may not need to be turning each of them while they are being steamed. Steaming allows equal cooking of all parts, including the fibers, making them soft for easy digestion. This also enhances the absorption by our body of the necessary nutrients found in the vegetables.

No Oil Is Needed

Another reason why steaming is more economical is that you do not need cooking oil. But more important than that is the health benefits of not using oil. This means that you are lowering your calorie intake, which is good for your heart health and weight management program.

fishNatural Crisp and Color Are Retained

You may not think that this has no health correlation, but it has. When vegetable dishes are nice looking with the extra crisp, we can be lured to eating them, and that is also the same with our children. This means that we will all be getting the nutrients that are stuck within the vegetables.