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a mean growing beards

For centuries, people have always associated beards with the level of manliness. Although it is not always the case, we cannot deny the value that society has been holding on to. Although it has always been about look and styles, scientists are finally able to draw health-related conclusions about why men should grow beards. Beards and any form of facial hair can only grow in men’s face due to the presence of testosterone hormone, or what people usually refer to as the male sex hormone. Thus, it is clear that beards are only common among men, although research shows the possibility of women having the same hormones and effects.

Let us then move on to the reasons why men should keep their beards instead of shaving them. It is to provide you with a new perspective about your facial hair. If you are currently looking into reasons to shave them off completely, the information below will tell you otherwise.

Skin Protector

If you notice that women often have to cover their face whenever they go outside to protect their skin from UV rays, you should feel lucky that you can grow your facial hair to protect your skin. The truth is that your beards make the best skin protector that can protect your face from the sunlight and dirt. It is indeed one good reason to start taking care of your beards, even if you do not feel comfortable having them.

Prevent Acne

The next thing to know about the subject is that it is an effective way to prevent acne. You are lucky if you do not have sensitive skin. Note that more than forty percent of adult men need to deal with sensitive skin, and it usually happens when they shave their face. Acne is one problem that men have to face quite frequently, especially right after shaving. Instead of spending money on skincare, you should try keeping your beards instead of shaving them. The hair will make an excellent protector that will protect your skin and prevent acne.

A Natural Filter

Facial hair can also be a natural filter that can block out any allergens, dust, and dirt. It prevents and lowers the risks of respiratory issues due to poor quality air and pollution. However, for this function, you need to combine your beard with a mustache. Most allergens go straight to your nose, and a healthy and thick mustache will get rid of them in no time.

softball player seatedSoftball can do wonders for your health. One of the main reasons why this game appeals to many is the fact that it can be played by people of all ages and fitness levels. Besides the physical fitness benefits offered by this game, it also provides a range of other benefits, such as picking up key life lessons. If you are passionate about tapping into the benefits of leading an active lifestyle, join a softball team. That said, here are some practical reasons why you should join a softball team.

Fantastic Workout Opportunity

Have you ever played softball before? If you are yet to play this team sport, you need to start by watching others play. As you will see, this game comprises of several elements. You will be required to throw the softball at some point, throw the ball, and do some catching. A combination of these activities goes a long way in developing stamina, aerobic capacity, and hand-eye coordination.

Promotes Mental Health

Playing softball offers lasting benefits to the mind, from improving your moods to your ability to focus. On the other hand, playing makes the body to release an ample amount of endorphins or feel-good hormones, which leaves you with positive feelings. Outside of team sports, there aren’t a lot of games that can match the mental benefits provided by playing softball.

Promotes Muscle Development

Softball offers a wide range of physical benefits, whether you are at a training session or playing a competitive match. While you might not be particularly interested in building huge muscles, you will be in a better position to stay in shape. Both the upper and lower body muscles benefit from playing softball.

softball player on the move

Reduced Susceptibility to Injuries

It is a known fact that most sports persons are always struggling with injuries. However, incidences of injuries are somewhat minimal in softball, considering that there is not much contact during the game. With the right gear, and of course, adequate training, you will be in a position to avoid some common niggling injuries.

The need to lead an active lifestyle cannot be overemphasized, especially now when obesity is ranked highly among life-threatening conditions.This, however, is no reason to avoid working out considering that payoffs you get from playing outweigh these costs. We hope the reasons given above will encourage you to start playing this fantastic game.